€ 73,75

NUX CERBERUS guitar multi effect pedal CERBERUS

€ 307,79

NUX COREDLX/B Core Series bundle: DRIVE CORE+METAL CORE+MOD CORE+TIME CORE+pedal board and bag

€ 399

NUX DRICDLX Core Series overdrive pedal DRIVE CORE DELUXE

€ 73,75

NUX KOMPCDLX Core Series compressor pedal KOMP CORE DELUXE

€ 83,79

NUX LOOPCDLX/B Core Series loop pedal bundle LOOP CORE DELUXE

€ 158,80

NUX METCDLX Core Series distortion pedal METAL CORE DELUXE

€ 83,79

NUX MFX-10 guitar multi effect and amp modeling processor with drum machine and phrase looper

€ 157,75

NUX MG-20 guitar multi effect processor with 60 effects

€ 204,85

NUX MG-200 amp modeling processor with drum machine and phrase looper

€ 126

NUX MODCDLX Core Series modulation pedal MOD CORE DELUXE

€ 83,79

NUX MP1 foot controller for MIGHTY 30SE

€ 44,45

NUX NAP-5 Verdugo Series acoustic preamp and DI

€ 153,50

NUX NBK-5 Verdugo Series analog compressor and boost MASAMUNE

€ 127,05

NUX NCH-1 Mini Core Series rotary pedal MONTEREY VIBE

€ 76,15

NUX NCH-2 Mini Core Series chorus pedal RIVULET CHORUS

€ 81,60

NUX NDD-2 Mini Core Series digital delay pedal KONSEQUENT DELAY

€ 76,15

NUX NDL-2 Mini Core Series loop pedal JTC DRUM & LOOP

€ 94,25

NUX NDS-2 Mini Core Series classic distortion pedal BROWNIE DISTORTION

€ 58,80

NUX NFB-2 Mini Core Series boost pedal LACERATE FET BOOST

€ 61,45

NUX NOD-2 Mini Core Series overdrive pedal TUBE MAN MKII OVERDRIVE

€ 58,80

NUX NOD-3 Mini Core Series overdrive pedal MORNING STAR OVERDRIVE

€ 61,45

NUX NRV-2 Mini Core Series reverb pedal OCEANIC REVERB

€ 76,15

NUX NSS-5 Verdugo Series amp+cabinet+mic simulator SOLID STUDIO

€ 205,85